I was born Southern Spain. I live in Barcelona.

I studied an MA Illustration at EINA, Barcelona in 2007 and live in that city since, working as a professional illustrator.

I collaborate regularly with newspapers, magazines and editorials worldwide.

In 2011, I published Operation Alphabet by Thames and Hudson in the UK, USA and Germany. It was published in 2012 in France.

I won the Best 2011 Foreign Book Award Junceda, held by the Catalonian Association of Illustrators (APIC) for that book.

In 2014 I published I don’t like snakes, by Nicola Davies, edited by Walker Books in the USA, UK and Australia. It was chosen one of the best books edited in 2015 by

In 2015 I published the bonsai pruner, edited by Tres tigres tristes in Spain, winning El dragón lector Award to the best illustrated children’s book in 2015. It will be published in France in 2016 by Belin Jeunesse Ed.

I’ve edited Una vaca and Burro el origen with A buen paso Ed.

My work reflects a strong sense of colour and texture, a frequent use of traditional techniques, and an undercurrent of subtle humour running throughout.